The New Cotton Route is part of the implementation of the cultural diplomat strategy of my embassy, that of the Republic of Mali in Canada, which we began to implement in 2020. Maaya; Culture, Memories, Landmarks and Creativity, which aims to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of Mali’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage. “Maaya” which symbolizes humanism in the Bambara language, aims to promote the cultural references that Mali has in common with its communities and with the world “Maaya” can be defined as a set of moral and spiritual values that make an individual a being and social. See the strategy

It is also part of the context of the International Decade for People of African Descent and aims to be “a contribution to a better understanding of the general socio-economic conditions of black populations in Canada”[1] but also in Mali.

This initiative symbolizes the cultural heritage of Mali in the field of textiles, in particular handmade by peasants, artisans, fashion designers and all actors in the chain of transformation and valuation of cotton. It aims for sustainable development and creates, in the long term, an impact, in the communities in which it operates, thanks to the collaboration and mentorship of Canadian Quebec designers recognized in the fields of fashion, design and decoration. domestic in order to access the international market

The initiative showcases the creativity and talent of fashion designers, designers, artists and artisans from Mali, Quebec and Canada, through cross-views on their cultures, their knowledge, know-how and their know-how. It will support artisans, fashion designers and designers.

This innovation lab will be an intensive project of business planning, product testing and mentoring sessions. The teams will work to validate and enrich ideas to bring them to the next level and allow investors to make an informed investment decision in relation to the market.

You are: a communicator, media man, a fashion designer, a foundation, a fashion school, a municipality, a university, a large school, an incubator, a museum, a man or a woman of culture, a small and medium-sized business and trade. An NGO, an entrepreneur, an innovator, an entrepreneur, a thinker, a player in the transformation of the fashion industry with a social and environmental impact, an operations manager and manager in the field of fashion, a manager fundraising, etc.


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