NRC Ambassador

Designer, Fashion Designer
Ambassador of the New Route of Cotton

« “I have a story to tell, a legacy to bequeath, a work to continue” »

Jean-Claude Poitras, prominent Canadian designer and fashion designer, is the ambassador and artistic director of the Nouvelle Route du Coton. It stands out for its elegance and sharp taste, combining both a feminine style tinged with sophistication and avant-garde characters.

For more than 30 years (1972-2002), Jean-Claude Poitras led a prolific career as a fashion designer. In 2002, he decided to devote himself to multidisciplinary design, using it in all its forms.

In parallel to his work as a designer, he has been developing, since 2004, talents as a journalist and columnist, notably writing articles for a multitude of magazines, ranging from La Semaine to Formes.

In 2008, the daily Le Devoir published its monthly columns on design in all directions. In 2012, he celebrated his 40-year career, which celebration unveiled his artistic soul with a first solo exhibition in visual arts presented in Montreal.

Since then, he has developed various collaborative projects where his creations are juxtaposed with various design projects and has been invited as an ambassador of Quebec design internationally. Currently, he continues his work of avant-garde, visionary, ambassador, speaker, philanthropist and consultant, and finally of mentor to the next generation of Quebec.